Optional modules to complete the excellent advantages of the Picasso V2 machine.


Choose between the three maximum width measurements
(Maximum glass width-cm)


To avoid small particles of ceramic inks on the unpainted side.


Why choose our Picasso V2 machine?

Solid arguments

The new picasso V2 machine is the machinery that revolutionized the lacquered glass market. With all its advantages, it was a breath of fresh air for an industry that had to decide if it was worth starting up its coating machine. Even so, knowing that it had points to improve and that perfection does not exist, this new version stands out with even greater strengths and some weak points that have been solved.


With more than 50 machines installed throughout the world, the Picasso V2 line is consolidated in the market as the alternative for all kind of customers. From the small workshop that paints multiple colors daily, to the large factory that applies hundreds of square meters in one day.


Among the strengths of the GCV-Picasso combination, there are several factors. From the union between the experience of more than 20 years of applying glass paints with the engineering applied to its automation to the after-sales service. Due to the fact that we manufacture the machinery in every process, we can understand it and teach our customers its operation and troubleshooting, as well as having a direct connection for its diagnosis.
In addition, the fact of joining machinery and paints in the same supplier, makes a full experience and confidence to the final user.


Below you can see the main advantages offered by Picasso V2

Picasso V2 machine – The most compact of the market

6.5 meters in length for the complete line:
Painting, drying and cooling.

Fastest colour change in the glass industry

1.5 minutes to switch between colours and products

The highest
energy efficiency

Automatic switching on and off the dryer and cooler without preheating

The most versatile
glass painting line

Ceramic inks, acrylic paint, water-based, mirror effect, metallic, satin, hydrophobic treatments…

Ultra-fast installation
and commissioning

Less than 2 hours for the complete line

Do you like our Machine?

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Our Picasso V2 is the product of two important factors in its evolution as a product.
1st- Our extensive experience as glaziers has allowed us to analyze and respond to the needs of the sector and the industry that surrounds it. This “know-how” is evident in every detail of its operation.
2nd- It has been redesigned thanks to a close relationship with our clients from all over the world. Thanks to them, we have obtained very valuable information to make improvements, enhancing their strengths and increasing their efficiency in all processes.


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We answer the most common questions. FAQS

Over the years we have listened to our customers, here are the answers you need.

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Is the glass painting process profitable?

Cost effectiveness

Of course. Today the painting process is one of the most profitable in the glass sector and the new Picasso V2 is the most reliable, profitable and economical process for painting glass on the market.

What do I need to paint glass?

We take care of everything

Nothing special. At GCV we take care of the complete implementation of the process. We have equipment and budgets for all company sizes. From the most economical manual kit, to the complete automatic Picasso V2 or Frida painting and drying lines, our technicians make sure that you start producing from day one.

Can I paint with any other paint on the market?

Of course

All types of paint that can be applied with a spray gun can be used with Picasso. We know that there are many paints on the market, but after years of testing and comparisons, our Glasspaint paint has proven to be the best quality and fastest drying paint on the market. As well as our ceramic inks, specially formulated to be applied with Picasso.

I have a roller painting line, why do I need Picasso?

It’s time to change

The roller lines have a high production capacity, superior to Picasso, but in them we will never be able to apply bicomponents, special effects such as mirror or metallic, nanoparticle-based treatments, etc. Colour change is expensive and slow, so it is only recommended for very unusual large series in glass, while Picasso V2 is suitable for small, medium and large series due to its fast colour change. In the roller machine we will have to adjust the machine each time we change thickness, not in the Picasso machine, since there is no contact between the gun and the glass. The roller system needs about 80 to 90 microns for a good finish. Picasso using HVLP system, from only 35-40 microns will leave us a perfect finish.

Do I need to add the Dryer to my Picasso line?

What paint are you going to use?

It depends on the paint used and the level of production desired. For ceramic inks it is mandatory, since the ink needs to be completely dry before the tempering process. For acrylic inks such as Glasspaint, if you want to reduce drying times, we recommend installing a dryer, since it allows you to touch the painted surface in less than half an hour. In addition, this new model is even more compact and efficient.

Do I need to add the Cooler to my Picasso line?

What are your goals?

Once again, it will depend on your goals. For ceramic inks it is highly recommended, since the painted surface acquires an extra hardness and allows the glasses to be handled as they come off the line without burns. For acrylic inks such as Glasspaint, by installing the cooler after the dryer, we can stack the painted pieces in 5 minutes, reducing production time to the maximum. Furthermore, thanks to its new design, the entire line is less than 6.5 meters in total length.