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Official distributors

At GCV we are official distributors of Creative Resins Europe products. Our commitment to quality makes us work side by side with our colleagues at Creative Resins, as they offer the best acrylic resins on the market without any doubt. Their experience with more than 20 years at the top of the market and its 10-year guarantee for outdoor application, even in humid, saline, etc. Environments makes them the best possible partner.

+ than 15000 colors

Following the steps given in the ColourGlass by Creative Resins formulation software, we can easily formulate any color from the RAL, Pantone, Dulux, Eurotrend, BS, NCS charts… with more than 15,000 formulated colours. This software is hosted entirely online, so it is updated 24 hours a day with new formulas and without access limitations from different computers.

Maximum customization

From the most economical and manual system, such as the manual dispensing Carousel; to the most professional and complex system, our automatic dispensing carousel system, we want you to be the one to easily and quickly manufacture the colour in real time, the exact amount you need, and simplifying the stock of material as much as possible.



At GCV we offer the most complete solution for the manufacture of pigments for our GlassPaint resins, always taking into account the ideas of our clients to improve every day.

From the most economical and manual system, to the most complete automatic one, in GCV we want you to be the one to configure your colour quickly in real time, making the exact amount and simplifying stock.

Manual carrousel

Accurate, fast, economical and easy-to-use system. It has 24 pigment tanks with ceramic valve dispensers on a rotating base. It can be used by volume or by weight.

Dispenses with an accuracy of 0.1 grams and automatically stirs for 5 minutes every 4 hours.

Automatic carrousel

Automatically manufactures any RAL, Pantone or NCS formula. Includes a computer with our own software. We just have to choose the color, the quantity and the carousel will make the exact color for us.

Automatically stirs for 5 minutes every 4 hours.


Our Automatic Carrousel has many of extra features

Cleaning brush

For maintenance and valves cleaning.

Adaptation to languages

Select you own one

Level sensor

To check the quantity of paint in the tanks.

Laser guide

For the correct placement of the can.

Light indicator

To place the tin and avoid splashes.

All the products that we manufacture at Grupo Crespo Vidrio have certified guarantees and can be applied both manually and automatically.

We are always looking for the most suitable accessories to make our customers' lives much easier.

Technical Complements

Creative Resins Europe

At Creative Resins Europe we are always the first to test and work with our own products. This intensive use of our products makes us see that sometimes there is certain equipment that, although not mandatory, does guarantee that we have an easier life when it comes to painting and producing.

In this way, we make available to our customers a solvent recovery unit that allows us to recycle 100% of the products such as ketones, alcohols and solvents that are used in the daily cleaning of the machine.

Our mixers are ideal for stirring and mixing bicomponent products (our resins) or those that require alcohol as a thinner (ceramic inks).



Indicated for medium productions with a recovery capacity of 300 litres/month.

Completely separates the product, clean and ready to be used again, from the remains of resin and paint that remain solid inside.


Manual closing and with capacity for a can in a format of 0.5 to 3 liters.

It has two shake cycles, one for light colors of 3 minutes and another for dark colors of 5 minutes.

Ideal for Glasspaint tins.



More robust and with a capacity for cans from 1 to 25 litres. Ideal for large pigment manufacturers or ceramic enamels.

It has a timer to adjust exactly to the necessary time (from 30 to 900 seconds) and a gyroscopic shaking system.


Mirror effect finish and painted glass

Advanced technique for the application of metallic film that provides a mirror effect.

Valid for applying both to large-sized treated glass (tempered, double glazing, acoustic, etc.) and for the decoration of small details.

Always with the best market price guaranteed. Contact us and our team of experts will advise you.


Text summary detail of the guarantee


In our Glasspaint resins

The Glasspaint range has passed the most demanding color change, adhesion and scratch resistance tests according to standards:

60min at 120º

Color Change: Excellent Adhesion: Excellent Scratch Resistance: Excellent

30min at 150º

Color Change: Excellent Adhesion: Excellent Scratch Resistance: Excellent

10min at 200º

Color Change: Excellent Adhesion: Excellent Scratch Resistance: Excellent

20min at 200º

Color Change: Excellent Adhesion: Excellent Scratch Resistance: Very Good

UV resistance: Grade 8 achieved on BS1006 Scale from 1 (-) to 8 (+). Aging cycle 6000 hours in Atlas chamber. Camera type Weather-Ometer ATLAS.

Xenon degree achieved: Excellent.